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June 14, 2019





Putting ASD Adults to Work

The CATCH Clinic is entering the pilot phase of a new program designed to replace the traditional face-to-face job interview format by creating a new Career Screening Assessment that is better suited to measuring the true talents of autistic individuals. The screening protocol utilizes age-appropriate activities designed to identify current baselines in candidate’s skills, aptitudes, interests, independence, self-regulation, mindful decision-makings and social & communication abilities.

The Mission

  • Produce a well-designed Career Screening Assessment for Differently-Abled (DA) individuals to replace the standard face-to-face interview typically used in the workplace.
  • Produce a complementary mentorship curriculum describing how employees can partner up with DA colleagues to identify and address areas of need within the company’s culture.
  • Produce a complementary parent/caregiver curriculum developed for DA individuals to practice areas of need outside of the work.
  • Produce an employer manual outlining the administration of the Career Screening Assessment.
  • Provide support and training for employers

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