About our leadership team

Our team is comprised of passionate professionals who are committed to transforming the workplace by promoting neurodiversity and creating inclusive environments for individuals with unique cognitive abilities. With extensive experience in the field, our leaders bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in career screening, human resources, and workforce development. We are driven by the belief that by fostering a neuro inclusive work culture, businesses can stand out more in a competitive market, increase productivity and innovations by maximizing the potential of every employee. Get to know our exceptional leadership team and join us on our mission to empower employers with the tools and resources they need to create a more inclusive and productive workforce.

Board of Directors

maisie soetanty headshot

Maisie Soetantyo, M.Ed.

peter dunlavey headshot

Peter Dunlavey

fazal gupta headshot

Fazal Gupta



Empowering businesses to collaborate with neurodivergent talent to maximize their competitive advantage.


ACP envisions a fully inclusive business culture that allows neurodivergent career seekers to pursue their ideal career goals while connecting employers to a uniquely talented and untapped labor pool to grow their organization.

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