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Listen to autistic professionals sharing about their career journeys.

Alex: Big Al's Best

Meet the proprietors of an award winning Chocolate Covered Almond Toffee home business. Alex is a young man diagnosed with Autism. His Mom described his journey, his super powers and sent a message to all families raising a family member with special needs.

Kai: Kaiko Fidgets

Kai and his Mom Jo, founders of Kaiko Fidgets did a chat with me about how Kai started his business. He makes all of his fidgets with his brother, Dad and a few other autistic teens. He also wants to take his company international so he can hire more Neurodivergent young adults. WHAT AN AWESOME DREAM!

Jackie Armstrong: Office Assistant

In this interview Jackie shares her experiences in: Diagnosis disclosure, working with a job coach, tips to ask for accommodations, and her recommendations for full inclusion initiatives.

Rachel Dorsey: Speech Therapist

Rachel Dorsey chatted about her careers in Speech Therapy and determining if it was a good fit.

Nick Royal: Amazon Personal Shopper

Nick Royal, a Personal Shopper with Amazon talks with Maisie about the application and screening process he went through, and how he learned the skills needed to be able to work at this job.

Mark Fleming: Autistic-Owned Fitness Studio

Mark Fleming owner of @equallyfitfl in Florida, shares how he turned his passion in sports into a career path!

Stacy Ann: Tatoo Artist

Delightful interview with Stacey Ann, a very talented tattoo artist on the autism spectrum. In this interview we talk about her journey toward becoming an artist, how her autism affected that journey.

Jude Morrow: Autistic Social Worker

Jude gave insightful tips for others on the pros and cons working as a social worker.

Lauren: Autistic Librarian

Lauren tells us why she chose to become a librarian, and what kind of aptitude and interests one needs to have to be a successful librarian?

CJ the Autistic Barber

CJ shared his career journey and tips for other autistics to learn about becoming a barber. CJ is from Phoenix, Arizona, the certified Autism friendly city.

Kim: The Autistic Occupational Therapist

Kim shares with us why she chose to become an OT, why she is good at it, and tips for others who might enjoy this profession. Kim provides remote OT consultation

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