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ACP Interviews: Audra Sisaka, Performer & Entertainer




May 9, 2023





audra sisak on comedy club show

Curling up with the “Polite Kitty”

This month I had the opportunity to meet with Audra Sisak for a Live Instagram conversation.  Audra self describes as a full time professional performer, actor, producer, host, directory of a comedy improv team, comedian, story teller and when all of that is done, they guide ghost hunting tours around their home city of Seattle, WA.

A comedic storyteller by nature, they frequently use their art to talk about their life experiences as an autistic, disabled super-parent with epilepsy, raising kids, hyper fixations, and dysfunctional family fun.  In our time together Audra shares some of the secrets to their gift of improv, their inspirations, prep routines, and other insights into the entertainment industry.

Look Audra on Facebook and Instagram @politekitty_

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