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October 11, 2023





Our Autistic Owned Business of the Month

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Crafting Success:
Emily Rose Sandoval’s Journey as an Autistic Entrepreneur

This month, we are thrilled to introduce you to Emily Rose Sandoval, a remarkable student, entrepreneur, and a passionate advocate of the art of sewing. She is the owner of “Emily Rose Sews!” – an online retailer that showcases her creative talents through a variety of handcrafted products. Emily’s journey as an autistic entrepreneur is not just inspiring but a testament to the power of passion and determination.

A Creative Foundation Laid by Her Mother:

Emily’s story begins with her early exposure to the world of crafting, thanks to her mother, who was not only her primary teacher but also her guiding mentor. “Almost everything crafty I know, I learned from my mom,” Emily fondly recalls. Her mother’s influence provided her with a strong foundation in crafting, even though the real passion for sewing would emerge later in life.

Navigating Autism and Finding a Calling:

As a young autistic woman, Emily faced challenges in making friends and socializing with her peers in school. But deep down, she always knew that her path to success lay in the realm of art. Emily reflects on her autism diagnosis at the age of four and the initial apprehensions of her parents: “When I was first diagnosed with autism at the age of four, my parents were scared because they didn’t know what that meant. I struggled at school growing up with learning everything as fast as my other classmates. Sewing became a passion of mine when I was 15 years old.”

The Catalyst: A Personalized Baby Blanket:

It was a few years ago that Emily’s creative journey took an exciting turn. She was inspired to create a special gift for her closest friend who was expecting her first child. Her very first project was a customized pink baby blanket. When the same friend announced her second child, Emily was called upon again, this time to craft a blue baby blanket. These heartfelt creations acted as the catalyst for her burgeoning passion for sewing.

Finding Her Passion and Starting a Business:

From the moment she began sewing, Emily knew that she had found her true calling. Sewing became an art form that allowed her to express herself and showcase her creativity to the world. Emily’s newfound passion drove her to start her own business, “Emily Rose Sews!” in  2021. Over the years, she honed her skills and invested every free minute in sewing, crocheting, and knitting.

Sewing as a Tool for Connecting with Others;

Sewing not only served as a creative outlet for Emily but also helped her overcome socialization challenges. Participating in craft fairs and boutique shops provided her with opportunities to connect with people who shared her interests. Through her business, she not only crafts beautiful items but also builds meaningful connections with her customers.

A Growing Portfolio of Handcrafted Delights:

Emily’s online store, “Emily Rose Sews!” offers a wide array of handcrafted products, from baby quilts to bags, blankets, baby clothes, and quilts. Her creativity knows no bounds, and her dedication to her craft is truly remarkable.

Emily Rose Sandoval’s story is a shining example of how passion, creativity, and determination can help anyone overcome challenges and build a successful entrepreneurial journey. As she continues to sew her way to success, Emily encourages others to follow their passions and emphasizes the importance of selling a product you genuinely love. When you purchase one of Emily’s products, you’re not just getting a handcrafted item; you’re receiving a piece of her heart and the magic that defines her artistic journey.

To explore more of Emily’s beautiful creations, connect with her on Instagram at @emilyrosesewsstore or visit her Etsy Store.

Emily Rose Sandoval’s entrepreneurial journey is an inspiration to all, showcasing the incredible things that can be achieved when one follows their passions. Her dedication to her craft and her commitment to using it as a bridge for socialization exemplify the power of art and creativity in the lives of autistic individuals. We look forward to seeing Emily’s continued success and the magic she brings to the world through her creations.

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