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March 7, 2023





“A Man with a Burning Special Interest”

man working on a work table

For our featured autistic-owned business for March 2023 we are featuring  Dan Thompson, the owner of Spectrumade Pyrography.  Dan has long had a creative streak and his focus quickly turned into a passion for making art out of wood.

The word “pyrography” literally means ‘writing with fire’, and refers to the art of freehand decorating using the controlled application of a heated object.  This practice is also known as wood-burning, as this craft is done primarily on wood surfaces and objects, but can also include leather, cork, paper, bones and sometimes gourds.

Dan uses primarily reclaimed pallet wood as his medium and his subject matter typically involves his other special interest, animals and nature. That led him to create the first piece he eventually sold, a vivid rendering of a Grey Wolf.  With some help from his fathers Dan launched a studio and business from their home in Canada. Dan quickly expanded his portfolio to include a selection of wood-framed posters, wood wall prints and a wide variety of motivational statements, baby name plates, personalized family signage, and clever kitchen witticisms.  All of his work is done freehand and all exhibiting a high degree of craftsmanship.

family posing for a picture
parents with son taking a family picture

In addition to his enterprise, Dan  is currently writing a novel and is locally known as quite the aficionado of Hot Sauce. Dan lives with his family in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  He will be the subject of Maisie’s LiveIG Interview later this month.  Check out his website at www.spectrumade.com and his Instagram at spectrumade_pygrography.

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