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March 7, 2023





ways to cultivate psychological safety in the workplace

Creating a Safe Space for Everyone

Truly inclusive leaders need to prioritize workplace well-being in order to have happy and productive teams, and psychological safety is an essential component of employee wellness.

A psychological safe space is one where individuals can make errors without fear of repercussions, feel free to present new or innovative ideas without judgement, and participate in a workplace where people can share ideas with the benefit of the team in mind, rather than for protecting oneself.

And all of this leads to improved employee satisfaction, higher productivity rates, and the ability to capitalize on differing perspectives.

Here are a few great ways to cultivate psychological safety in the workplace:

Listening: Leaders who are willing to listen to the concerns of their employees, irrespective of their role in the organization, let their team know they are encouraged to share openly and truthfully.

Language: Adjusting your language to reframe challenges and bumps in the road as a learning experience changes the way your team sees hardship and how they respond to obstacles.

Regular Feedback: Nobody wants to hear from a manager only when something has gone wrong. Providing regular, scheduled feedback allows for clear communication of needs and expectations from all parties.

Self-Awareness: Successful leaders recognize that their emotions impact their communication, actions and, inevitably, their teams’ performance. When leaders focus on self-awareness, they become more effective in their role.

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By Becca Lory Hector
www.trulyinclusiveleadership.comMarch 7, 2023
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