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January 3, 2023




Press Release


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Let’s celebrate the end of 2022 with autistic singer, musician, storyteller, podcaster and autism advocate, Eric Small!

This past week Eric joined me via InstagramLive to talk about his recent diagnosis at age 38 and the changes that has meant for him in his life. Eric also talks about his latest media/advocacy undertaking called the “One More Last Chance Project‘ [@omlcpod], a very personal and heartfelt self-reflection in which Eric uses music to find redemption, build community, and help others seek diagnosis, find resources, and live life!  I would try to describe it but Eric does a much better job himself:

“The project centers around a man, recently diagnosed with ASD, ADHD, OCD, and BED, as he works to find redemption by making music and recording an album. The goal is to tell a story, and create a community around that story that encourages other neurodivergent to seek diagnosis, get support, and chase their big goals, without sacrificing who they are, in a world that seeks to change them or force them to conform to a standard.”
- Eric Small

View the full interview here:

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