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Calling All Autistic Art Makers!

Maisie Soetantyo



April 14, 2021





brushes and paints of various colors - online autistic art festival
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Hi Everyone!

I am beyond excited to announce that on May 7th at 8 pm PST California time, I will be co-hosting a Live Instagram event with actress, model and writer Caitlin McHugh-Stamos @caitlinskybound, founder of @st.amosjewelry.  The Online Autistic Art Festival is designed to show the world all of the wonderful kinds of things we create; pottery, jewelry, calendar, wind chimes, hats, gloves etc. Won’t you please help me find autistic artists who work so hard and need a shout out? Please share this post as I need to get the art work and the list of artists for the Live Instagram.

During this LIVE Instagram event we are able to have a limited number of autistic artists join us live/in-person to introduce themselves and their work, as Instagram now allows up to 3 co-hosts during the presentation. Each artist will be given about 5 minutes to show their art creation and mention the link for potential buyers to view and purchase their work. I want to make sure we represent non-speaking autistic artists as well, so you can send me a message and send me your art and information, and I will spotlight you. You can participate by typing during the event.

Space is limited, so please register if you are an autistic maker of any age, who creates art and have a stock of creations ready to ship out. This is an event to show the world all the kinds of things we create; pottery, jewelry, calendars, wind chimes, hats, gloves etc. We will actively promote your website or any other commerce site (i.e. Etsy) you use to sell your work.

Apply Here

If you wish, we can present your art on your behalf during the broadcast. If you so desire, please send us your pieces no later than April 30th. Please note that all items sent to us that are not sold will be donated to a local non-profit the Fly Brave Foundation in Sacramento, to display in their cafe. Any proceeds from sales will be split between Autism Career Pathways and Fly Brave. Our non profit is raising funds to hire autistic adults to teach Career Readiness online classes for autistic youths!

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