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November 13, 2023





Meet Jordyn Moore, of Jordyn’s Summer Shirt Project’

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Jordyn Moore, a vibrant and determined young woman, defies limitations as a successful business owner despite being diagnosed with autism and verbal apraxia. Her parents, Ben & Jackie, recognized the challenges she might face in traditional employment and chose to proactively create opportunities for her. The ‘Jordyn Summer Shirt Project’ emerged as a means to not only keep Jordyn engaged during school breaks but also to foster her vocational skills.

Driven by a simple yet profound message—’Be Kind to Everyone‘—adorning their t-shirts, the company was born out of a desire to shift their focus from limitations to possibilities. Jackie Moore, Jordyn’s mom, emphasized this shift: “We decided to turn our worries into creation, channeling our energy into building something positive.”

What began as a modest summer project to impart basic job skills quickly evolved into a flourishing business. The ‘Jordyn’s Summer Shirt‘ company experienced such overwhelming demand that it recently relocated to a 5500 sqft warehouse to manage their increased business volume.  Jordyn’s journey and the mission of spreading kindness is showcased on her YouTube channel, @summershirtproject, and her Instagram page, @Summershirtproject. For those inspired by their cause, ‘Be Kind To Everyone‘ t-shirts and accessories are available for purchase on their company webpage,

Jordyn was recently the subject of.a CBS News feature story.

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