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Autistic-Owned Business of the Month




May 4, 2023





Autistic-Owned Business of the Month

A Fantasy that Came True!

This month our spotlight moves to Jessica Jacobs, another motivated neurodivergent creative who turned her special interest into a thriving business.  Jessica is a very talented artist and entrepreneur with a huge passion for renaissance festivals, cosplay fairs, fairies and all things fantasy!  Her online store, Wearable Wimzy [] is a delightful collection of fairy wings, costumes, accessories and other accoutrement that would amaze Tinkerbell herself!  All of her products are self designed and manufactured in house.

Her collection consists mainly of sturdy, life-like and very unique fairy wings, but to round out the portfolio she also makes satchels, cowls, floral crowns, corsets, willow skirts, bodice dresses and other ‘fairy-friendly’ paraphernalia. Performers make up the lions share of her clientele, be they stage or film actors, cosplayers or just fans of the mythological lifestyle.

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As Jessica tells it,  “My story begins when I was young and visited a Renaissance Festival for the first time. The general splendor and atmosphere was completely mesmerizing, especially the fairies, nymphs and other woodland dwellers. The actors played their parts so well. It ignited something in me that would eventually be what I grew up to do for a living. Since then, I began watching various fantasy films but my favorites have always been The Lord of the Rings trilogy and most recently The Hobbit trilogy.”

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“A few of my favorite artists, Brian Froud, Allan Lee and John Howe, have been great inspirations to me as well. I began drawing and painting mainly fairies and other mythical beings in high school art classes which soon, and quickly, evolved into the desire to create something more tangible. I longed to bring the magic of what I love to life. Thus, Wearable Whimzy was born in late 2014. Now, I am creating the closest representation of real life fairy wings for any age. It brings me great joy to place magic, wonder and a little sparkle in a world of ordinary life. In turn, my own passions and dreams have started to come true.”

Wearable Whimzy is always creating new designs so be sure to follow them on Instagram  [@wearablewhimzy] and keep checking back for new things

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