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ACP Welcomes Carrin Whitehurst to Their Board of Directors




September 3, 2020




Press Release

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“For me, my advocacy isn’t about myself, but everyone else; how can I use my success to help others be successful as well.”

Redwood City, California –   September 3, 2020

Autism Career Pathways is pleased to welcome Carrin M. Whitehurst as the newest member of their Board of Directors.  Carrin is an experienced teacher, educator and advocate for the Special Needs community with a firm belief that students need to feel that they have a voice and an impact on their own education.  Upon receiving her BA in English and Language Arts Teacher Education at the University of the Pacific, Carrin pursued a career as an educator, most recently as an English teacher in the Stockton Unified School district.  

Carrin is currently completing her Masters in Special Education at the University of the Pacific and has devoted her thesis to defining how to systematically integrate students with disabilities, and educating teachers on how to do so.  She is a recurring guest lecturer at UP using her own story of living with Autism to educate and empower future teachers and fellow students in base level courses. Carrin’s experience as a special education teacher along with her understanding of living with autism makes her an invaluable asset to the ACP mission.  

“I began working with ASD Career Pathways to help people like me get jobs”, Carrin explains.   “I didn’t realize how rare I was among my own. My goal now is to use myself as a way to help others like me get jobs that both make them happy and help them live to their best lives.”


Founded in October of 2019, Autism Career Pathways seeks to educate and empower small-to-medium business owners to hire differently-abled (DA) adults as interns or employees, to provide resources for home grown businesses and workplaces, to create tools and resources that any small business can use to assess, hire and manage employees with differing abilities nationwide and to promote a sense of belonging and a space for personal growth within each workplace through a mentorship curriculum.

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