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Autism Career Pathways Announces their ‘Better Community’ Project




September 15, 2021





autism career better community project

Autism Career Pathways (ACP) is very pleased to introduce the Better Community project,  a certification program offering education and support for organizations to affirm their allyship with the Autistic community.  Businesses that display the Better Community Certified sticker show their commitment to making their facility accessible to all.

This project is created by a group of neurodivergent individuals with various therapeutic and professional training, in addition to having lived-experiences as sensory sensitive individuals.  With input from all stakeholders, an engaging and informative list of online resources, as well as ideas for space modifications, sensory inclusive and alternative communication recommendations will be provided for businesses.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to engage local businesses in our mission to empower the neurodivergent community.  Our hope is that companies will see this as a chance to gain access to a new population of customers and clients who were previously overlooked….. ”

– Maisie Soetantyo
Director, Autism Career Pathways


Founded in October of 2019,  Autism Career Pathways seeks to educate and empower small-to-medium business owners to hire differently-abled (DA) adults as interns or employees, to provide resources for home grown businesses and workplaces, to create tools and resources that any small business can use to assess, hire and manage employees with differing abilities nationwide and to promote a sense of belonging and a space for personal growth within each workplace through a mentorship curriculum.

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